About us

About ….

Clickmar is a digital marketing and affiliation platform for all. This platform helps people earn money by spending some leisure time. It promotes here online branding and business advertisement. Our registered members participate in promotional work to promote and sdisseminate each and every advertisement.
With this platform, people can make some extra money by spending some time and working with Clickmar. By completing some easy steps all are able to take part in promotional campaigns. Its members are paid for every successful task. A huge number of people can register to do specially designed work every day.

Affiliation Program

It has an affiliation program which is another earning opportunity for everybody; especially student, unemployed, educated, job holder and so on to generate some extra money by utilizing their time. All s/he needs is internet connection and a smart phone/tab/laptop or PC. If a user refers this platform to another his/her friends or relatives, and makes him register, then the user gets the opportunity to earn extra money. Thus anyone can do this easy and simple affiliation task.

Promotional work

We have contract with many online advertising companies, few social media marketing companies and some tech giants. We have affiliation with them. Along with affiliation, by doing some easy clicks and following steps, members can earn handsome amount of money.
Besides, Clickmar offers different types of business surprises from time to time. Such as abroad travel, trips, and various financial offers. Clickmar arranges skill development workshop and helps generate leadership capabilities among members.
Our mission is to make life easier by helping generate some extra money and to eliminate unemployment in future. People are very much attached with social media. Many of them are not aware of wasting their valuable time. To reduce this addiction and make better use of time, Clickmar has been designed for everyone.