Yes, it is an authentic and genuine income platform. Anyone can make money here legally.
Generally there are two ways to earn money in Clickmar. First one is to register new members that means affiliate income. And the second one is Self Working Income (SWI) based on task field work.
To withdraw balance, a minimum AF balance is a must. That's why affiliation is mandatory in some extent. But in other aspects, it's not obligatory.
When you register yourself or other, you'll get your Affiliate ID.
As Clickamar is a worldwide system which can be supervised and controlled completely in online, that's why you can make circle throughout the world, no limits, no borders.
Browsing Clickmar's website, go to register, then input all the information, then press the 'Register' button. After that make payment. That's it.
Select your Country code>type your cell number>then type your password.
No, none can use two accounts together in one device.
Go to three dot menu>become a T.E. then apply as per instructions.
Go to Three dot menu>More Options>Update Password. Here type your existing password, then create new password.
Press 'forgot password' button, then follow further instructions.